Wednesday, April 2, 2008

clever hunting

The wwworld of the internet might have a Wealth of Wonderful Whatsgoing on in the entertainment sector, but a lot of it is a lot of tripe. User-based web 2.0 might flaunt the gauntlet in the face of the average googler by letting them have their say, but it has little power over human error and/or misrepresentation that can result from that, and nobody can be held responsible, either. (which explains gatherings of passive-aggresive, social degenerates spending their evenings 'editing' wikipedia articles).

This is especially true for live, original music events. Gig details are subject to change at the last minute, event info can be mistakenly duplicated and triplicated in error (and fornicated with by fans), and then there are the odd (both senses), self-titled 'hackers' who like to play practical jokes on the public and a struggling music industry by posting events that don't even exist. (you are Satan's porn. and nobody is wwwatching).

So check event postings for credibility if you don't want to waste your time. Word of mouth still has a lot of say - if it's a popular band, chances are you'd have heard about it from someone by now. If you're getting details off a social network (like the Face), make sure the event is posted by someone in the know - a PR representative, a venue manager, a band member, a (happy) girlfriend.. erm.. or boyfriend; or somebody likely to have invested effort and money in the initiative (that's usually a more reliable point of reference; few can afford a wasted buck or a disappointed fan.) Basically, you want the lowdown from somebody likely to tell the TRUTH about what's going down in your town.

And know thy city. Monday evening is a highly unlikely slot for ΓΌbercool acts like Kidofdoom and Humanizer to play anywhere. Why? Well, most people are in front of the TV still recovering from Friday night in the City Of Sin...

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