Sunday, May 4, 2008

swingers. a club for the whole family.

What a lovely spot. Somewhere off Wetton road (not that far, homies, a kick and a spit past Kenilworth racecourse at most, actually) - a genuine Jazz institute of note.

Warm vibe. You can feel people are happy there. No airs and graces. And a nice variety of jazzy stuff from schmaltz to swoon to smooth. Monday nights are jam sessions, but this is no ham fleshing, you have to audition to get in. Veterans have a regard for talented newcomers that encourages the art. The strong sense of mentorship tween the wise and the willful makes for some touching moments, and some tickled ones.

There's food and drink, two levels to lounge about on, a lounge too, and a real mix of folk across the colour, culture and age barometers.

Goes well with weed and whiskey.

Tel: 021-762-2443.
Free entry

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