Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mahala Surf fest and film premier with Fletcher on the Decks

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There has been a slew of recent benefit gigs in response to headlines and horrors across SA.

Kudos to the music community for caring, it’s not like the kind musos are rolling in moolah in the first place. They give of their time so that you can party and give something back at the same time. Easy peasy. The Mahala initiative is further proof of musical philanthropy and local integration through fun.

Mahala is a developmental surf company, empowering underprivileged groms through surfing. They’re hosting a benefit party Thursday, July 31, “a night of well-coordinated mayhem featuring the premier of a locally made surf flick about development surfing in South Africa (researched and scripted by Mahala) as well as some serious footage from that last monu-Mental Sunset swell.” Fletcher will be spinning the decks, and no one does it quite like the African Dopemeister.

If you donate an old surfboard, wetsuit or other surf equipment to the cause, you get in free. Others pay R50. Facebook has more details:

Even if you don’t know a surf case from a board bag, and you just think naturally bleached hair and buff bods are cool and you like the Dopester’s beats, you’ll be doing it for mankind.

The bottom line is whether we have diamond on the soles of our shoes or or rags from the rubbish bin, we all want and deserve a sense of achievement and human dignity. Most of the time, this involves work and positive interaction with others. That’s why Mahala makes a difference.

For more on mahala go to : www.mahala.co.za

(p.s. don’t be duped. Those who are doing what they claim will be endorsed by the beneficiary bodies. Ask organisers about their ‘benefit’ gigs or ‘charity’ gigs and then get confirmation from the beneficiaries themselves that they’re actually getting cash or help.)

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