Tuesday, January 20, 2009

taxi or tats? (small dilemas. big nights)

It happens sometimes. A tête-à-tête of good tunes. In fact, in the city of pretty it happens quite regularly that two highly consumable music events take place on the same night (often, in the case of the most established and the biggest independent, live venues, in the same block). And while somebody should be managing the calendar so that we have a chance to seen and hear all the amazing sounds this peninsula showcases, (because we’re greedy) this week you’re going to have to choose. Or you can try splitting yourself in two, or three or four or more, but be warned - social schizophrenia is for sociopaths and shape shifters. Purely for practicality, let’s just limit the decision to two? Even if some of us are die-hard idealists who try to do everything and sometimes succeed (but only sometimes).

In one of its many inventive celebrations of all things inked, the Southern Ink Exposure Extravaganza features a night of hectic hillbilly hoedown and intense expression (expulsion?) at the ever constant Mercury (http://www.mercuryl.co.za) this saturday 23rd January. Remember Three Bored White Guys? They’ve reinvented their rainbow and returned ready to rock your bluegrass ass as Three More White Guys. Sans our favourite fiddler, but still so real. Add to that a hefty helping of Tornados, Van Coke Kartel and The Mochines and you might be marked for life. Perhaps best on the bill, Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop are a class act of crasssy classlesssness as disarming as it is dirty and danceable. And one or two of the bands have in common a penchant for S&Mesque masks, so maybe you should bring yours? Or at least a loud hat.

And/or (but not both, because they’re bays apart) you could, on the other hand, grapple with a little local violence from four fine fighters who have more experience with the grit and generosity of rock ‘n roll than they can contain. Their melodic harmonies and goose bump guitar will spill out of the speakers, lift spirits and arms and other important things (like hope, and maybe even the limits of our common capacity for celebration) at Berties, Gordon’s Bay on the same night. (Tel. 021 856 3343)

An unfair position to put you in for a gig preview? I know. Welcome to the club. It might sound trite or common, but this happens all the time. Because (to borrow from the well beaten Bellville motto) this city rocks. From the point to the peak.

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