Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paranoia. the irony.

Paranoia is Wicked; the complex and the song. Didn't your mama warn you?

There is more prophecy and irony in this promo and its music video than can be inferred through clenched teeth. Why? Because art intimates life.

On the eve of the launch of the (hothothot) music video that the above promo is for, the vocalist absconded entirely, with no forewarnings, insulting the efforts of those involved (in the band, in the video, on performance commitments) for the umpteenth time , cementing a reputation of ill repute that rivals the history of even the Wad. Poor, dear, brilliant Be Phat Motel saw the sentiments in the promo take on realistic proportions and were left with little more than a rear view of Miss Mama’s fine ass.Can i say good riddance?

A fine ass, indeed, she has subsequently expressed objection to the release of this material to broadcast media under the auspices that it misrepresents her in her new musical capacity. In so doing, she depriving MK viewers and TV dinner enthusiasts everywhere of prime time sex appeal in strings, stockings and stray bits of lingerie in its superb 3-minute suppertime story (or should that be bedtime story?) with a whole lot of woah, Mama.

Woah, Mama, indeed. And quite literally. There is no more Mama Know Nothing to mention. We are left, instead, with the brutal observation that the band’s Facebook fans have doubled since its death. What does that tell you about what we want and what we need? To my mind, this is hardly the best way to launch a solo rock career. Perhaps there's a clog in the Machineri that will be repaired by reality. In the Mamas' wake, few of its fans and fellows can reflect on this callous, unintentional requiem without shedding a tear. Or a jersey (for the more jaded). Paranoia is a self fulfilling prophecy, it turns out; the one true crew of blues/folk/rock heel fillies its sacrifice. With them they took their inimitable style, absolute approachfulness (that's not a word, I know) and rhythm and raunch. That’s not a word, either, but it rhymes with launch. Which didn't take place.

But this is not the bitter end. We’re dragging it through the dirt. The band did just that in the video, albeit more organically, so who's to object to a bit of dramatic irony and tragic parallels? The difference is, i'm calling it integrity, while some will whisper 'herecy' and 'indecency'.As to whether this is appropriate or adequate (depending on whether your shed tears or jerseys) i have one question : is this Rock & Roll, or isn't it? while you debate, we'd like to announce that the video will be screened at Brand Your Band expo along with a whole lot of other gorgeous music videos from a whole lot of other gorgeous production crews and director/editor type pairs or triplets of whatever. Think of it as an unofficial launch. Come on - it's Loerie weekend; you can make like an appropriated symbol of natural freedom and um flap your things, celebrate short stories set to music on screens. To underline the unsolicited, there won’t be tearful announcements or (No-) Thank You speeches. Just the sound and luscious visuals of a world that could have been. Or should have been. Or whatever.

Or, if you’re impatient, like me, hold your breath till i find a way to drop the video's file size from 400 megs to something a little more pigeon-sized without the right software (you're going to die, if you do, but then, at least it'll be a requiem for two). If that happens, you can drop in here for the first online publication of a dirty dirge to a deeply disappointing death. (allit.eray.SHUN! aaaaaargh! are there pills for this?)

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