Friday, April 30, 2010

Mango Groove returns. fresh blood? er. well. WET blood.

aha. Mango Groove have released something sort-of well-timed to the World Cup. Hardly surprising; commercial once-was-wonder, global event, big label behind them, and local music (especially capetonian music) is hardly 'african'. So it makes sense that someone should be trying to cash in on the Fifa frenzy.

What did surprise me is the ease with which their new getalong songs go down. I guess they're well named. The songs are bright, breezy, light, easy. It's Dance Some More, only less dated. A less dated mango. oh ho!

Not much more to say there, except that it's surprising to be so easily seduced by such surface sound. I guess that's what makes pop so profitable. But seduced for a for a few short seconds only. If you soon tire of the same upbeat energy in every song as i did, give your ears a break and give it as a dependable gift for those who like happy, uncomplicated party music. Age bracket : plus forties and the under nines who answer "oh, well, i like all types" to the question, 'so, what music are you into?". Sonic Connoisseurs may not appreciate the joke, though. Unless they are fans. Fans can buy it without blinking or sampling. They have definitely done their fruity followers proud with this one.

Bang The Drum. on the nail.

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