Monday, August 2, 2010

Touch. Crouch. Pause. Engage. I am a koeksister.

Dear LEX.

Finally got 3G again. Vodacom se sea cable; I am able.

Ah well. So your doccie. Look, you’re probably all excited about it, I realised that from your one-liner reminder to watch or did I watch or what. But I’m afraid to say that Cosmo was right about you. You all.

I mean, you know I fought fucking hard to get you recognised for what you really offer into the SA music scene and psyche with them, right? You didn’t forget? Me against the media machine, pushing for artistic integrity against the profit-driven, uninformed content producers - little me, my heart full, my words whipping. I gained some ground. But you can’t change public perception alone.

Unless you tell the truth. So, ja. Cosmo was right. when that band-whore, jezebel, said. That you are the princes. The PRINCES.

Only Foto, a band which takes music so seriously, could have the piss taken out of them so seriously. Only Foto could pull it off, tongue in cheek, finger in ass, ass in the air, nose no one knows where. It’s hysterical. It’s necessary. It’s every band’s story. But only this band could pull it off at this time. It’s got an excellent script - never heard so many one–liners away from a bar in my life. and a clever narrative. Story, split, join; story. Faultless, when you say Foto and Dans. As an instrument of hype around your album launch, it’s cleverly restrained – no sounds from new album till last two episodes.

My crits and confusions (maybe get the director/coffee maker to read and respond. But he must come up with a new insult, now. I’m tired of the old ones.)

We lost Clem – I liked his cameo role – the honorary other. (or, the 3rd wheel. I mean! ‘Sixth member’). He could’ve really upped the antiquated clown character. Dirkie is dark, yes, but another funny fuck would’ve balanced him out.

We lost Theuns! (But, my turn to ask, “really?” - Has he done a Hunter and gone fishing?)

Pacing . It got too fast too quickly at the end there. Moved into the reunion concept too suddenly, too late (should have scripted it for the fourth episode), didn’t give the audience time to assimilate. Which, in turn, makes the concept a little less believable; I mean, to those who willingly suspend reality online. Tight as it is. Coz you know it’s still the territory of stage and cinema, largely. I would have introduced the reunion at the very beginning of the fourth episode, developed the dialogue around that more slowly, and tied it up to the opening dialogue (ideals, etc). I also would have tied in the lost characters with the extra time this would’ve given me. you. them. us.

Bottom line . I mean. Top note. Ek love dit.

I can’t wait to hear the album. I’m coming over to listen with you. With apple juice.


p.s. such sheer, Smokey- blue eyes from the Skype clip in ladyboyland. You weren’t… meditating, were you?!

die (in)vloed

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  1. it is great to have fun but remember this sticks with you and you have to up the anti all the time to stay connected with the guys who connected with you ...
    it has been done before famously , i even copied it for - air guitar/ cape Argus years ago . it is some where on you-tube ..
    philosophical moments meditation could have been deeper but cool