Wednesday, March 14, 2007

out with the new?

sibot launched his solo debut last week. twice. nice.
[It's his second album. you do the math. i'm too dyslexic.]

one a sit down in horrible labia chairs. (no. don't imagine that. please) the other at friction. i made front row at the former. respect from his contemporaries was fairly hard to miss, sitting next to sean ou tim, lee thompson (both closet snare) and a stiletto away from Miss mouthmann of larkspark. we all had the keen advantage of a nostril angle shot...

In With The Old is electric glytch meets jazz riffs. the man admits to being no concert pianist, but gives his two finger melodies a fine whack at it. he hurried calmly from piano to decks to Casio keyboard (the R15 ones) to things i don't know the name of with the swiftness of a smiling snake before supper.

he borrowed two of the aforementioned, famed and much loved Closet Snare kings to great effect, and proved quite convincingly that jazz fusion is on the upswing in the city. even with the lectro boys. like he says, 'in with the old'...

>Sibot received a standing ovation for his efforts. proving that we do all like kind, clever boys.

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