Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ve r y S m ö r ... .. g å s b o r d

Smörgåsbord? It’s not a Nordic tongue. Though the band I’m talking about certainly do nice things with theirs. And their fingers.. <sigh>.

Smörgåsbord, kitlings, is a variety of things. Originally, things you could stuff your face with. But in this case, its things you can wiggle your bottom to. Verismo (say it silently, imprint it into your sonic synapses!) is all that. And a bietjie more. (ok, say it loooooud)

They make mad music. They dress in velvet and studs. They leap about almost as much as their audience does (now that is a good sign), and they aren’t going to stop any time soon.

It’s a constant dance of quiet little moments that gently build up to fullblast, heartfast deliciousness.

See if you can keep still.

I was like, kululululuuu (or izit kilililileeee?): here's celebration. They bring out the Prima Donna in boys, girls and inbetweens who can’t help dancing to the bouncing frenetics of something other than ordinary. Toss some ska and opera and some yiddish funk and some Antarctic blues and a lot of heartfelt theatrics and a lot of red-faced fans with delirious grins, stir it up like Mr Marley suggests, and voila! You have an unnameable, almost describable evening of hip happiness. Prepare to sweat. And swoon.

And yes, they sing all about love. Lust. Life and the little things that make it magical. Like velvet and lace and lots of pretty faces. That is what Verismo is made of.

Btw they’re wicked musos too.

p.s. Verismo sounds like Verismo, but i'm having moments of Desmond and the Tutus, too. in tone. not taste. and the (wonderful, amazing, where are they now?) Honeymoon Suites.

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