Wednesday, June 27, 2007

eye, i, ay Cap'n

are playing at mercury tonight.

To hide the fact that they're actually from a higher realm, they're going in disguise. Come as yourself, or, if the spirit takes you (as it did yours truly who resembles a schitzoid morph of Jezebel and Michael jackson and is getting compliments from drunken bergies on sunny Woodstock street corners at 9am. don't ask what she was doing there; she had gas. i mean. she needed gas.) - ahem. yes. like i was saying, if the spirit takes you, give yourself a make over : poke out your eyes, knock out some teeth, chop off your left hand, grow a beard and embrace your inner tyrant of the open seas. Drag's covered too, so if you feel like bending genders, you'll be right home with our token cross-dresser...

beards are optional. so are boobs. i opt that girls wear the former, and boys, the latter....

har har har.

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