Monday, June 25, 2007

tonight we die_farewell gig

with two band members leaving, it was farewell Saturday night from Tonight We Die .

it was poignant. Because everything about their music says more. And now there will be no more.

it was powerful. unconsciously keeping with this weekend's spate of double bills (there was taxi and sleepers back to back friday), they did a double set of their own: acoustic and plugged. what a treat. a chance to hear both sides of their sound, and nod your head because they're good. and bow your head,because they're gone.

the music video they screened is breathtaking. a tightly edited love story that projects itself as a horror. of sorts. it works because it's simple. love stories rarely are.

this night. we cried.

(all the more reason to get out there and expose your soul to live sound. you never know when something is going to change.)

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