Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Bang : Shiny : album review

The Bang
Independent release
Recorded at chameleon studios

[Produced by Adrian levi]

The name is misleading - this isn’t noisy, messy, brit slop. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon sound with sudden, warm tropical showers. If The Bang make a noise, it’s a balanced one of poignant vocals against a tempered guitarscape punctuated by minimalist synths. It’s emotive, but never indulgent; encouraging head nodding and torso swaying. “Talk To The Trees” is the most singalongable radio song; resisting won’t help. The orchestral “Bride Of Shiny” shoves trad in the face of reason to give their signature sound a bit of a breather. There’s something understatedly sharp in places, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is. Kind of like pollen in the (h)air. That’s what you get when you have musicians trained in Rock and Jazz making Indie Pop. They definitely live up to their subversive band name on stage, though. From blonde barbershop antics to kicking the keyboardist when he’s down, they (and their fans) behave like real rockers. Up with jozi boys and their instruments of mercy.

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