Wednesday, July 18, 2007

chameleon and the king

July has been thin in the air but thick on the ground for good sound.

this year the G-spot boasted perhaps a slightly overfull bill of theatre, and the fringe was thick with it. i managed to catch one good gig in between nits and knitting (don't ask; i was there in a domestic capacity which was hardly festive)

Chris chameleon and Neo muyanga live and loving it at de taphuis

take two talented men, let them sing their songs, then make them sing together and you've got a night of great entertainment.

thing is, nothing guarantees chemistry between performers. luckily both have it in abundance, and it bounced well together. Neo is supercool, chris is crazy cool. their wit is poles apart, and it made for some lovely faux pas's and a little light sparring. and they never missed a beat. neo did chris, chris kissed Neo's bits (uh, beats), and i hope to high heaven (coz the low one seems full) that Old Mutual's efforts will inspire them to collaborate further.

imagine the lulling lullabies from blk sonshine's key man hummed by the former Boo! man. imagine the reposed Neo doing his versions of Chris's edgy everything. (he tries to tame it, he really does, but nothing can swaddle the things that man juggles in the back of his throat)

we were wowed. and the G-spot got hot enough to call itself by its full name : gig town.

bring it on, old mutual. we like your style. (they did it with other artists too, you know. ... well, yes. you know what the music scene is like...)

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