Wednesday, January 23, 2008

coke violence versus taxi kartel

ag sies. there's going to be a blerry mess at mercury Friday night. and not the usual puke-spilling, heart pouring, 3 am mess. this one will happen before the witches come out, and the brew will involve coke and violence. a slight upgrade for those who party on the dark side.

In no particular order, Taxi violence and Van Coke Kartel will thrash out their individual brands of badness. Watch out for flying drumsticks, flashing titties and crowd surfers. If you like it loud and sexy,the (not so hairy) boys will gladly oblige you. come and find out if you like it both ways. you might even discover that you're bilingual...

you don't have to be bad to understand that good sound comes from the dark side of light.
(and you might be inspired to start seeing your hairdresser again)

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