Tuesday, January 8, 2008

mama know nothing & mercurial

yes, so I know we're all giddy with this sort-of summer, and we can't stop saying Happy New Year even if we don't know what date or day it really is, but really - it's time to go back to work now and start paying off your credit card . (To console yourself, of course, you can always spend every other waking moment at your favourite watering hole trying to recall what it was like to be free.)

A good choice for that tonight would be at Upstairs (Royale on Long) featuring the talents and allure of Mamma Know Nothing and Mercurial - a cross-section of indigenous alternative folk. Yummy! Get some country in the inner city. Get some funk in your fine bodies. And yes, it IS my fault, actually. That’s what happens when you connect people under the auspices of a party...

he he he he.

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