Thursday, February 26, 2009

baby steps

it's almost time.

for a dirge to Dirt

The Pretty Blue Guns are busy with their first album,

and it's not the last time i'm going to say

that these gentle men understand

the measure and madness in music.

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  1. Are you pregnant with the Gun's love children? Anyway.
    I live in Dirtbin (031) and made sure I got a copy of the EP Dirt. I was well impressed with the sound that entered my head. This rolling daze of electric haze always brings a smile. Being a fan of The White Stripes, The Black Keys etc I do appreciate their effort. I personally feel that only as time burns on by and leaves her scars, and only once they actually meet that ol devil at the crossroads, only then, will they truly blossom. I look forward to hearing the full length album and look even more forward to seeing this band in 10 years time. I hope that they can resist the curse of the cape and remain together once the initial hype of their birth has left with the spindoctors.