Thursday, February 26, 2009

the republic of BRC

comic life magazine [available gratis for around R1500 on a tootight kulula seat between major local cities near you].
page 023.
this time, i'm reviewing a review. The Bellville Rock City DVD review. What crap. the Bellville Rock City DVD is not 'fascinating', its musicians are not by and large 'incredibly talented' and most of the bands listed in the review are not 'incredibly important' either*.It's a good looking buddy flick that idolises an insecure fraternity practising much the same in-house nepotism as the forefathers and fathers they claim to rebel against. And it doesn't have the presence of mind to answer questions its very premise** poses. Like, what cultural cataclysms led to this expressive exodus out of the tyranny of the church, and how do these alcoholic, drug-overdoing narcissists relate to the rest of the poofter patriarchy otherwise known as the so-called South African music scene? I'm hoping that the Fokkof doccie will go the extra 12 miles to answer these and other questions. If it ever gets released.

* SOME of the bands on the DVD are incredibly important, and SOME of the artists in them are incredibly talented, but it is misleading to exaggerate about this to people who might be looking for something else besides what it is, AND not give a decent critique on what posits itself as a glimpse behind a certain curtain.

certain curtain being my acerbic re-appropriation of that hackneyed and prejudiced phrase, 'boerewors curtain' which i find tedious and untrue in its inferences, even though i'm taking a fat bite out of some boerewoes myself right now. come, come, my ladies. no limp biskits about this one, please. try and slate me. or at least answer my questions.

** its premise is that there is something of creative and cultural and commercial depth and worth going on in and coming out of Cape Town's northern suburbs. something of a zeitgeist. replete with handlebars and under 18 bars.


  1. "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one."

    If we believed everything that we read, we would all be wearing shirts that say, "Dirt".

  2. comments like this are immensely helpful

  3. hmmm...i find it interesting that you hold this opinion. i too find that the northern suburb 'scene' is far too insular and self-congratulatory too really qualify as being as culturally important as this 'doccie' claims. white south africans were giving the finger to their dutch reformed upbringing in far more interesting ways in the 80's already.

  4. In retrospect it was an illogical rant that had nothing to do with the actual article. I apologise.

    I'm not from the northern suburbs. Not even close. I have no idea what is going on at the coal face on that side of the coastline as I only read what is written and I guess I am just tired of all the cock fighting I perceive within the scene. It sickens me seing the packs of scavaging scenesters, gluttonous groupies, whispering hipsters and friendly "rock journalists" that hang around like vultures in what should be pure skies. The bigger the clique the higher the chances of success...I digress

    I enjoyed the quality of the BRC package and it was nice to see some pride being shown. I took what was said with a pinch of salt, as I do with all information that is presented. I really didn't feel they were going overboard in recognising their achievements...? Most people should realise that there was SA Rock before FokOf...?There is a project called The Hidden Years run by 3rd Ear Music (

    I suppose the criticisms levelled were fair, though I did sense a tone of bitterness or resentment..?


    I look forward to the day when all these insular scenes each make their own BRC and we can find out more about the people behind the sound.

  5. it's not 12 miles to the centre... it's a 12 mile radius.

  6. Jess Henson, you are the most narrow minded person I have ever seen.

    and learn to spell "Fokkof".

  7. apparently i wrote this post because i "can't get any belville cock". i would have protested, but my mouth was full. besides, that passive-aggressive reaction from the invisible belville massive proves my point nicely.

    oh, and, for my unsolicited proofreader, a special effort :


    (happy? i thought not)