Monday, May 7, 2007

hear it : ROAR

if you think of Mordor as a dark land of wild things, you're probably right. in the local and fantastical sense. here in luvmeland, it was the darkish haunt of local noise. it's now home to ROAR> and it's putting blood back into the mostlymuffled mildwild that is capetown "sound" engineering...

the only thing i know for sure about it is the one thing that's well worth shouting about in a half-deaf town:

the sound rig is friggin brilliant.

listening to Her Pretty Face and Taxi Violence there on friday night was a catharsis. clean sound, cutting through every edge of air, into your bones - taking the music home. when sound is this good, you can hear everything the artists put into the music.

it's a grreat place to sample a band for the first time. again and again.

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