Monday, May 14, 2007

raw and boundless : taxi violence in belville

i don't think i survived the weekend. was it the music? the sleepers, josh grierson(Mercurial), taxi violence. but then, according to the stone roses, you don't have to wait for death for this kind of heaven in the first place. if i am writing from beyond my skin, just know that you can still catch them live. who?

my perennial princes :

Taxi Violence


it was an acoustic set at Kuns Kafee in Belville Saturday night. between the backend of nowhere and the beginning of beyond ("behind the boerewors gordyn"), where old school meets new wave, the boys blew us away.

everything about them is understated and sexy.most of all the naturalness with which they live their passions and give it all to the music.

this time, louis (drums) strummed a geetar. they rearranged the songs to suit the scene. it might have been acoustic, but it was more powerful than anything i've yet heard from them - a tempered intensity. the guitars that sing. stop. drop. climax. a vocalist whose whole heart is in every breath. vocal harmonies that blend perfectly to court the guitar. drums that underscore the earth and fire in everything, that punctuate and perforate the harmony enough to move it from vibrating though your flesh down to your bones to redesign your blood. a steely crescendo that takes you higher and higher and deeper until


it's like drugs. like love. it's the finger of the sun breaking into a dark vacuum.

Taxi violence is the consequence of synergy

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