Monday, May 14, 2007

Josh Grierson (Mercurial)

I don’t think there are words. But I will pull some together anyway. Considering profanity is my profession.

I have never been belted by beauty. I think. Disarmed, distended, upended; yes. But belted, no. Not until Josh (performing variously as Mercurial, Emokidjosh, and Josh Grierson, and often grabbing a mic during Taxi sets). As a precursor to its magnitude, I was knocked over by his voice during sound check - blasting though two doors and three walls over every other plugged instrument. With no mic. Thank heavens I was sitting already.

Then he came on stage, unassuming, warm, easy. And slaughtered us with the sweetest sounds. One man standing.

If you’re old enough (and no I’m not, but) think human rights concert 1987. A girl with a guitar. Captivates the whole crowd. (that was Tracy Chapman). Only, this is a guy. And we’ve got our rights. Or so it says in the constitution. This is a guy, with a guitar, and the voice of a vengeful angel.

This is what they call dumbstruck. Never mind the thunder.

It’s dry lightning with a kiss at the end. Just like last night’s almost-storm.

Josh Grierson's voice made my soul cry.

Use your rights. open your ears. and let him sing the sin out of you.


  1. nice words Jess. I like your honesty and inventiveness.
    He certainly sounds tempting...

  2. Its not possible to listen to Josh singing and not miss that person you have never met......not possible to not be drawn in by the angelic passion of his soulful approach....not possible to hold back the tears...any tears ....any tears.....caused by anything....feelings pushed deep down inside..will spill over as you sit there or stand in awe, well aware that power this worldly or other can be pushed out of the soul of a boy through the strings of a guitar and into the ears and hearts of those who listen. Josh Grierson cleanses you and makes you believe in power, the power of love and life.