Friday, September 21, 2007

Babu jam

(photo from Babu's Face)

No, it's not a new something new to put on your sarmie. It's what happens when you put (from left) Rownan, Reza, Shane and Kesivan together in a room with some of their favourite toys.

Babu produces fine Jazz Fusion with an essence of the east thanks to a tickly fingered tabla player and the intricacies of classical indian compositions trickling in. Last night they seasoned their play with a smooth dollop of Buddy Wells, who is as tall as he is talented. What a treat.

Every time they play, you're guaranteed a fine articulation of excellent musical composition, and a sure build-up to a climactic crescendo which hits whenever and wherever it wants to. When the sound takes over like this, human beings seem to disappear into the music. The four (*um, 5 this night) let rip so well together, it couldn't be discordant if we paid them. (hang on, we do pay them, don't we? but do we pay them enough?)

It's evident that they love what they do, and that they're well matched as excellent, experimental musicians whose humility precedes them and whose passion for brilliant noise commands them.

BABU tastes good.
Take a bite.


  1. Any chance you'll be able to post some sample MP3's of these local artists that are being reviewed in the near future?

  2. it's in the plans; requires a bit more red tape than two hands and a heart and a head can handle right now.

    patience, please. a search facility also on its way. and video hosting. and comprehensive tagging. and maybe syndicated content from other sites. to make good live music more accessible to you. hey! why don't i just create my own website? (no. with web 2.0 you hardly need to these days. unless you're iffy about the look. and we are, in this pretty fishing village, aren't we?)