Wednesday, September 5, 2007

julia is bare

So. It’s not everyday that you come across people who know - let alone like - Ani Difranco. I’m one of them (at the right time of month) and Jules is another.

This is not a comparison, though. (Julia’s much prettier than Ani, and it seems, a lot more grounded; not that we’re dissing our queen of cunt’s sky-high rants, we do need them once in a while) Julia has a voice like soft steel and she uses it to melt minds. But, nicely. And I point that out because nice is also a four letter word, like Rock, and Roll. And fuck. And soul. (yes, well, for the fine minded, consider perhaps that I meant funk? Not. Or, not today. I’ve got a headache.) She classifies her sound as indie / pop / rock / acoustic - depending on which site you find first - and she pops the cherry with a prussian pink belting of blues and burnt emo. In other words, she cuts, but you won’t bleed.

There are times and tones when Julia’s singing style echoes the musical maters that have influenced her with uncanny strains of Joni Mitchel, Laura Veirs and Dolores O’Riordan in and out of her outbreaths. But as she’s no hotel singer, imitation is a poor estimation of her claim to fame for laced between these flashes of historic sonic insight are bars and bars of untainted and original promise, and that’s wots got me all gushy. {yes, Zane, the taxi girl doesn’t only froth.} The promise is that she is as talented a songwriter as she is a songstress. She’s very recently formed a band with Josh (lead guitar), Gawie (bass) and Jaydine (drums), and I think we’d better all watch out. Coz maybe, baby, I won’t be able to complain of a lack of vivid women on the scene for much longer. I hope so. Complaining is so last series.

So word up to the BareSoled and bareSouled beauty. I’m sold. (Miles might be too…)

Jules (and The Fools) surface more or less unannounced, so watch this myspace.

P.S. don’t know who Ani is? Sies!

(pic nabbed from here)

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