Thursday, September 27, 2007

dig the daisies

Welcome to your end of winter warm-up. hic. Rocking The Daisies might be the best thing since wood fires got boring. Let's have a lookie, then. Remember - it's daisies, not dassies.

The environmentally conscious organisers of this camping and live music weekend have ordered us not to bring glass bottles. So decant, ducklings, decant! It's about time we all hived off out of the shitty to have a beeeg party in the open. Bring your bikinis, boardshorts(no speedos allowed. sorry), your coats (spring is schizophrenic) leave your overworked, underpaid brain at the office (coffee shop, bar, chilly beach, lounge), open your heart and your ears, and prepare to be sunburnt and spoilt. Some of the yummiest in Syeeow Theffrican sound will be wiggling their whatnots for you. Although I like to think it's for me. hic.

The line-up is a bit of a Tidal Wave on Friday. Waddy's esteemed Associates will give you good Reason to Love Jones to the Max Normal while Goldfish gets a bit Rory at Mr elliot. Warning : put your Bed On Bricks (erm, bed? people camp with beds?).

Saturday gets Dirtier, with 3 Bored White Guys lifting Skirts on the Spring celebrations, supported by the eversmiling Beams (known for their South Paw) who will be swigging whiskey somewhere down 12th Avenue (might need your GPS to find it) . If you're a Shy Guevara, don't worry, Rastamie And The Warriors will prepare you for Comedy Hour. If you're a sentimental sod, you too will be catered for when the Rudimentals politely play a Cassette for the New Academic's Big Idea. if that's not enough, Taxi Violence will slaughter you all. Better be Jacsharp, or you'll lose your Nungarin.

Me, I lost it a while ago.

Sunday, day of repentance and reparation. Start on your knees (or is it on your back, wondering where the hell in heaven you are? And why your head hurts. And who that chick lying next to you is. and if it's a chick!) with the Restless Natives who wisely share the Boulevard with a 7th Son. If you're black n Blue, or you got a Flat, Stanley, stick around (erm, what choice do you have, really?) for a(nother) Comedy Hour. sjoe!

In between, there's a special tent of White, China, and a Lapse of Toby2shoes, because - hey DJ - some of us must dance all the time.

Like I said. Spoilt.

p.s. (and btw and fyi) if you kak in the bos, bury it properly. (and take your trash home with you, too, or we wont' be able to come here next year:


(photo borrowed from here)

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  1. i wuz right bout taxi violence. and the media agrees.