Sunday, October 25, 2009

equal time

isochronous is the better way to spend a weekend.

inspired, intelligent, enthusiastic and sincere, they embody the many meanings of their band name. best of all, it's members are more articulate about their art than most and ready to rock along with the rest of us. They look good under flashing lights, and better in daylight, and their one-liners last a lifetime. in case you think they're beyond the blessings of bullshit, they talk as much kak as they do complex theory, and they know that the word play means 'fun' before it means 'refine'...

so until the content from a day's shoot and a night's shooters is ready for you, therefore, consider what could well turn out to be Marco's meme:

"we killed god the day we gave him a name"

(and behold franco and alex fingering other people's playthings below...

p.s. if anyone can tell me where those bruises, scratches and burns came from, i'll be grateful... it certainly wasn't from the silky soft beach sand or the easy night air...maybe it was the grass? i definitely don't remember how i got home, but i believe i owe it to Dom...

feeling clever? come back down to earth.

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