Friday, October 9, 2009

Subtle and sexy

Photographer Marguerite Oelofse

listening to her demo, it seems

Lindi Suttle

has what it takes to be our next Tracy Chapman*.

But in an age of aesthetic intelligence and digital DIY, the requirements for this are a little more than an amazing voice and unique compositions, though Lindi has the ability to tick both off her list with a graceful arc of arm. Besides having lots to gush about, i have some thoughts on where the nips and tucks should take place if her public exposure is to equal her talents.

it will have to wait till we've romped around in boots and bikinis together at rocking the daisies...

*(an aside for the politically correct police - this thought has nothing to do with Lindi being black or a woman, it's based entirely on her performance and her voice. If you're still cynically and smugly in doubt, consider that i used to think Josh Grierson was a contender for the role, till his music took a different direction

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