Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Pill

Kidofdoom has a modest, captive following. People who like star wars and joy. People who like their joy in dark pits. People whose pits are cool. They’ve cornered their compositions and developed a cult of grinning gargoyles and boys. Now they’ve come out with an extension to the theme. Concept album.

Ah. What is this ‘concept album’ ? fans of Bjork and Tori will know. Of Waits and Cave. A concept album is usually one whose mechanisms and intentions somebody has to explain to you. The songs are consciously connected to each other, sometimes self consciously (that’s a bad concept album. Use it in conversation. ‘oh, what, American Pie? Bad concept album’). But even that doesn’t explain it, because when are songs on an album not related? They’re made by (more or less) the same souls, with (mostly) a certain sonic thread running through that allows you to associate album art with title with band with it. The thing that really makes a concept album a ‘concept album’ is that it creates new spaces in aural experience, often at the cost of a few fans that got too comfortable too quickly.

So that’s what the king of indie underground, Kidofdoom, has in store for you with their next one. And it’s funny, but they’ve been bleeding the secret out for a while. There’s a common thread in a live show of theirs (and I’m not talking about the lights and visuals) that some call repetition. What it seems to be, instead, is an emerging sonic narrative that none - bar the band - have really figured out.

They’re clever like that. They redefine the live experience and activate the subconscious. You never know when their set is finished, or their song, and I sure hope they’ve taken live recordings of misplaced clapping and encores that come too early. ‘Celestial pop’ is a myopic description these kids are doomed to live down, and redefine, in time. Why? Coz they like to fly with their feet on the ground. (Richard told me at the bar, it’s the lights he loves best.)

More soon.

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