Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nice, indeed...

"We used to be called Nice" says their myspace page. What an opener. It's a line that'll cull many a boring intro interview. Beatenberg is was and always will be a three-piece from the Southern Suburbs as sweet as they are sarcastic, as grounded as they are talented.

That word again. Talent. because of an abundance of fair bands in the fairest Cape it's somewhat overused, i'm glad to say. But don't for a minute think that just because there are lots of boys (and one or two girls) making a pretty noise in our pretty city that talent is something to take for granted (take the mountain for granted, that's ok. Just don't throw your forking cigarette onto it half stubbed). First of all it takes blood, sweat and tears to turn talent into something finish and klaar, something consumable, something worthwhile. And second, if we start resting on our laurels before they've even grown, we're fucked. No rest for the wicked, is my motto. Now go be wicked.

So Beatenberg. Once was Nice. New songs. New name. It's something you can afford to do when you're just getting started and you know what you believe in.

I believe in them.

Face the music

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