Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeling Farrell

Smooth. Shmooze. Booze. The Little Sinners on the Sabbath.

Farrell Adams and the Little Sinners were tight on Friday night. They celebrated his first Cape Town performance of a new solo album. The crowd got their fair share of fun from a sonic legend in a white linen suit with a flair for funk. They’d sinned all the way from the city of gold to bring us their distinct professionalism. It suggests that jozi is a good move for a man who likes to make moves.

It’s all in the wrist

Rayelle rocks. She takes the prize for the prettiest and she takes violining to a new level. The awkward stance kin to fiddlers and pluckers of undersized string instruments is so last millennium. Under her chin the violin sings, shouts, skips, slips, screams, and laughs as a passionate dance unfolds naturally against her unearthly beauty. I bet whatsername Vanessa Mae is jealous.


Discerning ears and eyes pointed out the bass player immediately, for his fingers and his fine looks. And again, chatting about it the next day.

I found it hard to point fingers at the best of the Sinners, but one thing is for sure. With the voice of an unshaven angel, Mr Adams knows how to seduce a crowd. Fully dressed.

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