Friday, February 9, 2007

caught in the closet?

One more secret is out. Closet Snare is cutting the edge of Cape Town’s fusion fashion.

Splicing contemporary jazz and unclassified Electronica that trips synapses and flips heartflows, these lads climb out the box, beyond whitespace, and throw all your expectations neatly out the window. it's tangibly sublime. their “consciously melodic”, effusive mix of melancholy and madness, held together by an implicit understanding. these boys don't rock; they break boundaries.

Closet Snare is
Kesivan Naidoo (drums)
Mark Buchanan (guitar)
Lee Thomson (trumpet and fluggel horn)
Sean ou Tim (bass)
Sibot (machines)

Though they’re pretty to look and magically more attractive in action(funny, that), it always helps to lay it on thick when it comes to aesthetic. Inka’s VJing adds is an excellent accompaniment to their musical brilliance and of live music’s second home, she mixes stilted motion shots and abstracted stills against warped club walls to underline your dreams…

For an earful and an eyeful, keep your nose sharp to snare the next leap out of the closet. (the fever returns in March.)

1 comment:

  1. I saw them for the first time at the Armchair the other night - truly awesome band. I have seen the various members play in other outfits many times before, but Closet Snare is special because it is genuinely more than the sum of its parts.

    The jazz/fusion tip is an easy and convenient pigeonhole for this combo, but what also impresses me is the way in which they take The Funk into the 21st century. Pleasantly remniscent of Miles Davis's classic early to mid '70s period - boundaries will be broken.