Friday, February 9, 2007

real agents of mercy

it's 007. here's to magic and madness, undercover or over the top...

real estate agents

Sexy. Swift. A great build up, reminiscent of the olden days of house and e and all night crescendos building to a sunrise climax. But tempered.

Glitches and snaps and flicks and crunches. Hi pitch and deep and low.

Like Paul, only… more playful. And they sample old hits that make you realise they’ve been around for a while. Hits like short dick man and others I’m too tired to remember.

Tomorrow I’m filling a bottle with jelly babies, another with jelly beans, another with liquorice allsorts, another with whatsisnames – man, the fruity round ones – rascals, and another with.. um.. obviously, smarties (which have always always been utterly overrated and almost inedible). And… whatever happened to Fruity Tokens? They were my best. But like all my bests, they were not popular, and got discontinued. As if discontinued is an active verb! Were discontinued.


Now go sleep.

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