Friday, February 9, 2007

wow, waddy! (because you're you)

major points for making major points, waddy jones! and for living what you sing about.

i mean, i don't dig all this rap stuff, but it's a good medium for getting messages across. and his were quite a mix of selfhelp rhetoric and social consciousness. all packaged neatly in an unassuming naivety of animation and animated performance. he quite pulls off the socially inept old school nerd. and then afterwards you see him scooting around with a darkblack hoody and his bare chest baring itself. a fashionista beyond avante garde.

he repeatedly took the piss out of the very kids who were gaily singing along, but more's the merriment that they didn't get it. things like, be true to yourself and be good at being you, and there are all these pussies in their penguin outfits, trendy and trite in their fashionable repertoire of helloHowAreYouDoIKnowYouItsNiceToMeetYouGoodbye. which is another way of saying mememe lookatme.

waddy is a piece of alright. no political pushover. and when he gets the chunes going, he churns the dancefloor.

i think he was pissed at the tentative trendies not giving it up freestyle for the free and the true. he threw puma gear errantly at grubby paws extending into the sky...


waddy jones as max normal
thirday 25 jan

soon you all have to stop saying happy new year...

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