Friday, February 9, 2007

one more gift : Three Bored White Guys break in the new year

last night the 3BWG heralded that icky phase between kissmiss and new year's eve's debauchery, regrets and resolutions. full bellies, empty hearts, the end is nigh and this is just the start.

Waldo was awol which was welly wegrettable, but in inimitable honkeytonk alt cunt style they pulled it off without a feather ruffled. i did miss the tapping toes, though... Greg the lark filled the room with his beautiful blend of melody and madness. Frank was uber chilled with that secret smile that gets the groupies every time...and the double bass player (who shall remain nameless until he tells us his who his altered alter ego is) delighted the boogey-mad crowd with the on-off wrestling mask (that none of us can quite fathom but maybe that's the point) all the while plucking strings, growling down the mic and pirouetting his baby around. he let out the demons in a final scream that signalled the end of the season, the session and the beginning of the drinking. (and petting? he was on top form!)

unlike skanky hos, their sound gets tighter every time, and i love they way they indulge their audience. feel like friends... ohja - ; they ARE.

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