Friday, February 9, 2007

what happened to Black Betty?

i wrote this ages ago, and haven't heard mention of them in yonks...

The band : Black betty
The genre : alternative country/ Contemporary Blues rock.
Feisty, melodic swirls of acoustic rock softened and buoyed by a blues and country slant.

Black Betty is made up of 3 beautiful women serious about making beautiful music.

Shapeshifitng bewtwen genres, each song is a testimony to the fusion of the 3 Bettys’ skills and passions. They move from slow and sweet to loud and bright, with ever a sense of the ironic or the bitter tastes of life’s sadness. Sunny's tiny frame sends out a capacious voice with a lyrical sensitivity that dips and dives though shifts in mood, pitch and tempo. Galena’s minor-scale, backing vocals are a song unto themselves, offsetting the emotional richness of Sunny's voice with an edge worth the attention it grabs. Her violin supports and solos with melancholic joy. Hagar coaxes sweet, slow and full sounds out of her electric baby with the composure of a queen; no stage-trashing rock lass here. Under her careful picking, the electric guitar grounds the compositions in a warm and steady way often overlooked in country music circles. Carried by the friendliness of the acoustic guitar, their sound is a unique and successful blend of influences and interests, undeniably a fusion, and never trite.

They’re young, talented, and magnetic. Give them some time to settle into their stage skin, and we’ll have the next big sensation in Cape Town.

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  1. pparently they are looking for a drummer...

    (isn't everybody? good calling to have; we as thin on the CT ground for drummers as we are on single straight men...!)